Portfolio Pieces


Oval Heated Soup Bar

Decorative Buffet style heated and cooled units.

Stainless Steel Wrapped Olive Bar

Stainless Steel Wrapped Olive Bar

Pre-Packaged Foods Grab and Go

Heated Packaged Foods Display Unit

Decorative Modern Stanchion for Glass Inserts

Decorative architectural metalwork

Aluminum Bolt-on Industrial Platform

 Industrial application, Catwalk design

Stainless Steel Food Grade Sieve Drum

 24" DIA. Stainless Steel Tumbler

Food Grade Products | Stainless Water-cooled Hopper

Food Grade manufacturing

Double walled stainless steel custom hopper.  Designed to maintain ideal temperatures for chocolate manufacuring.

Food Grade Feedscrew Auger

304L SS construction

Food-grade Stainless Steel Auger Weldment

Galvanized Backpans

Caption goes here.

High-Volume and custom produced insulated, galvanized backing units.


Custom Machine and Conveyor Frames

Caption goes here.

Custom frames to be populated with conveyor rollers and machinery for the glass manufacturing industry.


Industrial Scrap Removal Bin

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Prototype for a metal tubing manufacturer to solve scrap removal problems.  Has a actuated lever to release the bucket's base.



Laser Etching for Labeling

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Aluminum alloy bracket for the automotive industry.  Etched with our laser to identify its part#, manufacturer, and date of production


High-Volume CNC Press-Brake Operation. Aluminum Brackets

Caption goes here.

Precision machinery allows for extremely accurate repeatability.


Custom Punch/Hem Operation. Retail Sign Holder

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A diverse selection of tooling allows BOFMW to solve complex problems with simple solutions.